Sunday, January 31, 2010

Before January Ends

In the past I have not looked forward to Januaries...  The first week is fine, filled with parties and birthdays, but then it drags on, cold, snowy and dreary. But this year was different. In large part do to my escalating activity level in my hobby of crazy quilting. I have started three new round robins this month. The themes are Asian, Hearts and Bugs. Here are pics of the blocks that I pieced for myself and mailed out to Canada, The Netherlands and Louisiana. I will post a  month to month progress when the others finish their parts. First is the Asian block. I hope to add this one to the project I am making for our bedroom using the blue and white block that was finished last fall. I used the inspiration of the Blue Willow dish pattern.
The next is the block for the bug theme round robin. Technically called Butterflies, Bees and Beetles. I didn't have an idea of a color theme so I used a floral silkie I received from a secret pal for Christmas as the center and used it's colors as the inspiration. I think it tured out quite pretty and I am anxious to see what the girls do with it.

The last block is the block for the Heart Round Robin. I found a punch needle "love" motif that I received and decided to use that for the color inspiration. I will probably use this block as a wedding gift for someone to be married in the next year.

Stay tuned for the next few months to see what work is done on these blocks and the work I will do on the blocks of the other members. It was a great January, hopefully and precursor to a wonderful 2010.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Asian Round Robin

I have been having fun with my new online friends at Crazy Quilting International. I have signed up for several round robins. Basically 5-6 women make a crazy patch block and we mail them to each other in order for each to add something... I got my first block a couple weeks ago. The theme is Asian. This is how I received the block from Rita in Kansas.
This is the work I did. I will now mail the block on to the next person in Canada.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is here

Wishing all a prosperous and healthy New Year!