Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spellbinder Mystery Part 1-3

In addition to Crazy Quilting I also have an embroidery machine. I love to collect free designs from all over the web. One website, San Francisco Stitch Company is having a mystery project. Each week they are offering a free embroidery design with directions to make a small mystery project. Currently we are on week three. Here are the three designs sewed together as directed. So far it is pretty cute.

Ladies of Spring Block

I often watch television in the evening and don't like to sit without something in my hand. The round robins I am in keep me pretty busy. Often though, I am without a block to work on, so I pieced a block for myself, just for a diversion. The centerpiece of the block was a photo transfer I received that looked to be in a burlap type material. It was kind of neat. I also came across a little bag of straw hats at a garage sale and decided to add one to the block. The basket was made using water soluable stabilizer on my embroidery machine, and the nest was a beading experiment.  What do you think?

Swedish Block

I commited to making a block for the Crazy Quilting International Group. They wanted to make a block for all the countries that were represented in our organization. You didn't have to be from the country to make the block. I asked for the Swedish block as a tip to my paternal grandfather. I originally pieced the block seen below, but after a few months I had ideas, (dala horse, a Carl Larsson painting, ice skates, faux Swedish weaving, country flower and some Swedish folk art)  but did not know what to do about placement. I had difficulty knowing what to do first.

I asked for advice from a Crazy Quilting guru in our group. She took my ideas and photo-shopped them to show possibilities. She also advised that the silkie that I selected was too small and underwelming for the size of the block. She choose another Carl Larsson painting and showed me the difference.

Ok, now I had an idea where to start. Here is the completed block after I took Gerry's advice.. I think it looks pretty nice. The only change I may make is to put some trim along the seam under the ice skates to make them stand out better against the blue.

Well, I went ahead and did as I said, I believe adding the lace makes the skates stand out better, so here is the finished block ready to mail!

Overall, I am very pleased with it, and plan to make a similiar one so I can have one of my own.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Carol's Wine Block

After a few adjustments I finished my work on Carol's Wine block. I was the first to work on it. I dyed grape motif lace. Stitced a grape beaded seam, and a bunch of grape beads. I accented the red around the wine label, added trim to the curve and another lace grape motif. Hope she likes it. She chose really nice fabrics.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sewing Round Robin

I received my block back from the Sewing theme Round Robin this week. Here are the before and after pics. I may make a sewing machine cover out of this block. I have a few more things I may add to the block first. Overall I am very pleased with the block, thanks to Lorrie, Sharon, Pegsue and Carol.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Singer's 160th Anniversary

A couple weeks ago I found about Singer Sewing Machine Company's 160th Anniversary. They are putting out a commemorative sewing machine and I just love it. It is a limited edition and for now only available on HSN, (and currently out of stock). Unless I talk myself out of it, I may have to have one. It is so beautiful, and reminiscent of the old style... We'll see, keepya posted.