Monday, August 27, 2012

American Quilt Society Show in Grand Rapids

Well, I have not been on my blog for a couple weeks. For two reasons: One, I have been really busy at work and we have been booked every free weekend. Two, I have gotten hooked on Listia, (a site where you "sell" items for points and then use the points to buy other things.  I have gotten some really cool stuff for crazy quilting, books, jewelry, craft items... But more on that later.

This past Wednesday Fuzzy and I traveled to Grand Rapids to take in the American Quilt Society Show. It was a great day and we have lots of pics. Probably take me half a dozen posts to cover them all. I am starting small today and posting pics of the crazy quilts in the show. A grand total of 4!

This is by Kerry Leslie, who is a member of CQI. It was in a special exhibition of quilts for Alzheimers's Awareness. The quilt was about 10 x 12".