Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rita's Oriental Block

I have been working on another Oriental Round Robin. This month I have Rita's block. She chose a red color scheme and her block is quite lovely. I am the second to work on it. Candji was first and added some lovely embellishments.

I decided to concentrate on the left side. I first added some fans to frame the geisha, some beaded cherry blossoms. I then decided to add another peacock, since Rita jokingly said I could practice one on her block. Little does she know...... I am still wanting to put some finishing touches on the fans, but need to stop so there will be room for the final two ladies to add something!

Art Nouveau Returns

I was treated to two packages in the mail today. One was my Art Nouveau round robin blocks making their way home to me. They are just marvelous. Here is a peek. The first finished was by Nicki Lee in MA.

Next, from Alice in WI

From Carolyn in CA

Cathy in IA

 And last, but not least from Colleen in NE

I think you will agree that they are wonderful. I am looking forward to finishing the last block and putting them together for a true show piece. Thank You ladies!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wendy's Jewels on Black RR Block

An unexpected day off work today gave me time to work on the first of the Jewels on Black Round Robin Blocks. I started with Wendy's Block. She loves peacocks, so that was added of course. I used the tutorial found here.
It turned out nice if I say so myself.   I will definitely try this again on another block.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Prize Arrives

Yesterday was a great day for mail. My pincushion prize arrived in the mail. It is stunning and I can't stop staring at it!
After looking at it's construction I think I could create some pincushions of my own. I bought these two unusual little things at a garage sale over the weekend that might be candidates. I think the "lady" might be an egg holder, but I think she would make a fantastic pincushion. The glass has a marvelous stem. I see more craft projects in the near future.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Something for me

I took a little break from Crazy Quilting today and machine embroidered the back yoke of a shirt. It will be perfect for walking the dog in the cooler weather. Chloe likes it too.

Another cute pic of Chloe.... just because I can!

I am getting pretty close to my 100th post and I will be posting information about a giveaway sometime this week.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nicki's Art Nouveau Block

Here is the completed block I did for NickiLee for the Art Nouveau Round Robin. Mine is the last, they will head home to her tomorrow. I hope she likes it.

September Sunny Day

Today was a beautiful day. The evenings are cooling and the sun is setting earlier, reminding us of Summer's end. One thing wonderful about being a dog owner is that it gives me excuses to get outside more. Today was no exception. Unfortunately, Chloe does not take pictures well due to her color. I managed to get a few, but her contrast is so that she comes out a bit blurry. Here are she and Drizzy playing in the yard. She is teaching him break dancing.

Yard sales are also coming to an end and I have been remiss about posting my finds. Here is one, the pedestal was had for $1. I made the"globe" out of a bowling ball and attached jewels and mirrors with clear caulk.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Big Rig

My ex-husband Dan is now a truck driver. He rerouted in order to come to the funeral and parked his truck in a nearby bowling alley. I had never been in a semi cab before. Here I am in the driver's seat.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Ends

It is the end of a long extended weekend. I kept forgetting today was Monday all day. It seems unreal that Mary died a week ago already. These are a few pictures taken while in Indiana at the funeral home. Here is my dad, he held up pretty well. He is 85, and turning 86 in December. He had a mixture of emotions, but later in the evening after the funeral he was talking about "asking out" a lady friend that came to the visitation...

My Ex-husband Dan and my son Thomas. Thomas wore his Air Force uniform, which made grandpa very proud. A hot day precipitated the jacket coming off eventually.

My brother Eric, who happened to be here already on a visit from Las Vegas. It was a godsend he was here to be with dad when the nursing home called with the news.
My niece Megan, and her husband Dennis from Ohio, followed by a picture of their son, Lincoln. Not sure who the glasses belonged to.

I Won!

After all that happened last week I was so pleased to find that I had won a giveaway. This beautiful Victorian pincushion is mine! I adore the color blue and this will be perfect in my "someday" blue and white bedroom when we finish our upstairs.
I have had this picture for a long time, and it is the inspiration our bedroom. Won't the pincushion look marvelous next to a little chair by the window?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In Memory of a Wonderful Woman

Mary Nelson Sept. 2, 1925- Aug. 30, 2010