Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Ends

It is the end of a long extended weekend. I kept forgetting today was Monday all day. It seems unreal that Mary died a week ago already. These are a few pictures taken while in Indiana at the funeral home. Here is my dad, he held up pretty well. He is 85, and turning 86 in December. He had a mixture of emotions, but later in the evening after the funeral he was talking about "asking out" a lady friend that came to the visitation...

My Ex-husband Dan and my son Thomas. Thomas wore his Air Force uniform, which made grandpa very proud. A hot day precipitated the jacket coming off eventually.

My brother Eric, who happened to be here already on a visit from Las Vegas. It was a godsend he was here to be with dad when the nursing home called with the news.
My niece Megan, and her husband Dennis from Ohio, followed by a picture of their son, Lincoln. Not sure who the glasses belonged to.

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  1. I still can't believe Thomas is a grown man now!! Glad your brother was there at that time too. Again, sympathy to you and your family.