Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crazy Ornaments

   I have been at a conference all weekend for Play Therapy so haven't been able to get to any yard sales. I have had a little time this week to finish up some Christmas Ornaments. They are crazy quilted and will be sent to be swapped. I was in the swap last year too. I will enjoy having a little tree with just crazy quilted ornaments. Here are the ones I will be sending. I will post the ones I get in return later next month.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Sale Finds

   We found several garage sales throughout Michigan and Indiana. Probably the best bargain was an Ott Light for $3!... (It is a full spectrum lamp used often for crafters and sewers to give true color to projects). The one I got goes conservatively for around $100. My favorite two finds of the weekend were first of all these pretty dishes. They are ironstone imported from England. A set of 4 for $2. Two had chips on the edge and two were in good shape. I love the color! I figure if nothing else, I can break the two chipped plates and use them for a mosaic.

   At the same sale the woman had a plant that I had never seen before. We got to talking and she let me have a start for $1. Upon further investigation I found that it is a Pokeweed or Poke Plant. It is to some considered a weed. But the price was right and I thought it was cool. The only problem is that the berries are supposedly poison, so I am going to give some thought to where I plant it. 

Indiana Adventures

   I am originally from Indiana, Mishawaka specifically. It is right next door to big sister city South Bend in the very northern part of Indiana. My father still lives there and so we make the trip several times a year to visit. Such was the case this past weekend. My husband and I travel well together and enjoy taking back roads and new paths to find interesting sights. Of course we are often led off course by a garage or yard sale sign.

   This trip was no exception in it's promise to deliver sights to make the trip more interesting. This bead shop was spotted between Mishawaka and Osceola. Too bad it was Sunday and closed, I'll bet it was interesting inside...This car sat ouside.

All dressed up for Halloween

Loved the fairy atop the window. Doesn't she look life-like?.

Here is a view of the whole thing from across the street..courtesy of my husband.

We had seen the next business before and remarked on the creativity of it's "play on words title". It is located in Southern Michigan between Coldwater and Bronson on Hwy 12. 

Don't you just love it?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pieces of Friendship Swap

   One of the things I enjoy doing is trading or "swapping" with other quilters. Usually a theme is decided upon, the participants sign up and send their items to a hostess. She then repackages the items and send back to the participants works or items from others. I have been involved mostly in swapping quilt blocks, fabrics and notions to make or decorate projects. I started doing this with other women in my local quilt guild, but soon learned that these swaps occur on the internet and that is mainly how I swap now.
   Earlier this summer I was intrigued by a swap I found on the web. A crazy quilter had the idea to make small "crazy quilts" in the shape of puzzle pieces. Each participant would make four pieces, send them to her and would receive 4 different pieces in return. Today I received my last piece. The maker is the woman who originated the swap, Pat Winter. I love the delicate stitching and soft colors.
   These are the pieces that I sent that were given to other swappers.Each piece is about 4" square. I plan to "play" again with another round she is having this winter, I think it will make an interesting display in a shadowbox. I will post the other pieces I received when I remember where I put them!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Owosso in the News

    Our little town made national news yesterday when a local shot and killed two other citizens. News was made because one of the victims was a prominent opponent of abortions and often could be seen around town toting graphic signs. A very unfortunate situation,  for the victims and their families and for the family of the shooter. This situation tarnishes what is otherwise a very pleasant place to live.
    This seems like as good a time as any to tell you a little about the place I now call home. Owosso Michigan is located about 45 miles NE of Lansing. It is a very historic town. Birthplace to notables including politician Thomas Dewey, impressionistic artist Frederick Frieseke, and football great Brad Van Pelt. The resident who has probably left the biggest mark on our town is author James Oliver Curwood. He was an adventure writer who wrote many novels that were turned into films in the early 1900's. He became very wealthy and fulfilled a dream by building a castle on the banks of the river in town. He used one of the turrets as a writing studio. The castle is now a museum and local landmark.castle in april 
This picture and most of the others posted on this site was taken by my husband and photographer extraordinaire.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Garage Sale Philosophy

   I had the day off work today so of course I had to cruise the neighborhood for garage sales! Although today was "sparce pickins" it gave me a chance to reflect a bit.. on why I enjoy garage sales so much. There are the obvious reasons, like finding that "something" that I needed and paying 95% off retail or the satisfaction of buying something I can use and save it from being tossed in a landfill. There are the not so obvious reasons too. We moved to this town almost three years ago. Finding and going to sales has given me access to neighborhoods I may never have known existed. I have learned shotcuts to different parts of town. I have learned the names of the best hairstylists, doctors, restaurants, and car mechanics. I have learned of plants and flowers that grow well in our area and have been offered free starts. I have discovered community events and activities that this town offers that would have taken me years to find out. One last reason why I love sales is that I enjoy finding things for my friends and family. Today I found something for a girlfriend who likes France and recently redecorated her bedroom with an Eifel Tower motif... What do you think? Not bad for 50 cents?


   Welcome to my blog. I finally succumbed to "peer pressure" and decided it was time to try a blog... I plan to share my interests here. I love garage and rummage sales. I like the challenge of making over old things into new and making homemade gifts.  I enjoy crafting, machine embroidery, and especially crazy quilting. I also plan to post a bit about my family, travels, and other bits and pieces of interest. Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!