Saturday, September 12, 2009

Owosso in the News

    Our little town made national news yesterday when a local shot and killed two other citizens. News was made because one of the victims was a prominent opponent of abortions and often could be seen around town toting graphic signs. A very unfortunate situation,  for the victims and their families and for the family of the shooter. This situation tarnishes what is otherwise a very pleasant place to live.
    This seems like as good a time as any to tell you a little about the place I now call home. Owosso Michigan is located about 45 miles NE of Lansing. It is a very historic town. Birthplace to notables including politician Thomas Dewey, impressionistic artist Frederick Frieseke, and football great Brad Van Pelt. The resident who has probably left the biggest mark on our town is author James Oliver Curwood. He was an adventure writer who wrote many novels that were turned into films in the early 1900's. He became very wealthy and fulfilled a dream by building a castle on the banks of the river in town. He used one of the turrets as a writing studio. The castle is now a museum and local landmark.castle in april 
This picture and most of the others posted on this site was taken by my husband and photographer extraordinaire.

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