Monday, September 21, 2009

Indiana Adventures

   I am originally from Indiana, Mishawaka specifically. It is right next door to big sister city South Bend in the very northern part of Indiana. My father still lives there and so we make the trip several times a year to visit. Such was the case this past weekend. My husband and I travel well together and enjoy taking back roads and new paths to find interesting sights. Of course we are often led off course by a garage or yard sale sign.

   This trip was no exception in it's promise to deliver sights to make the trip more interesting. This bead shop was spotted between Mishawaka and Osceola. Too bad it was Sunday and closed, I'll bet it was interesting inside...This car sat ouside.

All dressed up for Halloween

Loved the fairy atop the window. Doesn't she look life-like?.

Here is a view of the whole thing from across the street..courtesy of my husband.

We had seen the next business before and remarked on the creativity of it's "play on words title". It is located in Southern Michigan between Coldwater and Bronson on Hwy 12. 

Don't you just love it?

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