Monday, September 14, 2009

Pieces of Friendship Swap

   One of the things I enjoy doing is trading or "swapping" with other quilters. Usually a theme is decided upon, the participants sign up and send their items to a hostess. She then repackages the items and send back to the participants works or items from others. I have been involved mostly in swapping quilt blocks, fabrics and notions to make or decorate projects. I started doing this with other women in my local quilt guild, but soon learned that these swaps occur on the internet and that is mainly how I swap now.
   Earlier this summer I was intrigued by a swap I found on the web. A crazy quilter had the idea to make small "crazy quilts" in the shape of puzzle pieces. Each participant would make four pieces, send them to her and would receive 4 different pieces in return. Today I received my last piece. The maker is the woman who originated the swap, Pat Winter. I love the delicate stitching and soft colors.
   These are the pieces that I sent that were given to other swappers.Each piece is about 4" square. I plan to "play" again with another round she is having this winter, I think it will make an interesting display in a shadowbox. I will post the other pieces I received when I remember where I put them!

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