Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Sale Finds

   We found several garage sales throughout Michigan and Indiana. Probably the best bargain was an Ott Light for $3!... (It is a full spectrum lamp used often for crafters and sewers to give true color to projects). The one I got goes conservatively for around $100. My favorite two finds of the weekend were first of all these pretty dishes. They are ironstone imported from England. A set of 4 for $2. Two had chips on the edge and two were in good shape. I love the color! I figure if nothing else, I can break the two chipped plates and use them for a mosaic.

   At the same sale the woman had a plant that I had never seen before. We got to talking and she let me have a start for $1. Upon further investigation I found that it is a Pokeweed or Poke Plant. It is to some considered a weed. But the price was right and I thought it was cool. The only problem is that the berries are supposedly poison, so I am going to give some thought to where I plant it. 


  1. Thanks for emailing your blog address! It's bookmarked and I'll visit. You'll have to check out mine as well. Good to see you @JoAnn's..and poke weed is a great natural dye especially for wool! Good luck! Robbie

  2. Both the berries and leaves are poisonous to animals. You can cook the leaves a certain way and eat them if you like. My grandmother cooked them all the time when we were kids. I have one elderly aunt who still eats them. Not me though, I am not going to eat something that you have to cook a certain way and amount of time to get all the poison out. Anyhow, as said before the berries do make a good dye not only for wool but cotton as well. Do use a well ventilated area to work with it though.