Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Blocks

   I was in a Trim and fabric swap a year or so ago with a Halloween theme. I finally got the blocks out and decided to finish them this year. These are the four nearly finished crazy quilt blocks. I will put them together to make a small wall hanging.... I know it's really getting late for this year, but I will be REALLY early for next Halloween.  The first block just needs something in the dark green spot... Any ideas?

The next has kind of a witch theme. I think I will add a spider web to the burnt orange piece.

This block needs something in the top pumpkin print and the checkerboard. My husband had the idea for the skeleton holding the chain...

The final block has a ghost theme. The bottom ghost is Free Standing Lace done on my embroidery machine. I think I am pretty satisfied with this one. 


  1. Hi Darlene:

    I REALLY like your Halloween CQ blocks!!! They're going to make a great wall hanging!!!

    You asked for suggestions for finishing them up? I think blocks #1 and #4 look great! (Actually ALL four of them look GREAT!!)

    Block #2, you could make a black cat or an owl sitting on the tree branch. Or, anything that's black or dark in that upper right area would work.

    Block #3 Again, anything that's dark or black up in that area across the top. Maybe a large, scary-looking black spider?? Eeeeeeek!!!

    I really like your idea of the purple sashing and border!! That would look really good!!!

    I'd love to see it after you've finished it.


  2. Love 'em all! I was gonna suggest a web in the dark green patch on #1, but you've got one on another block. What about some fall leaves?

    That's a great silky of the American Gothic couple on the last block!

  3. Darlene, your Halloween blocks are too cute! They're so..... HAPPY! :-) I love 'em.... You're brave to take on velvet as sashing. It's a bear to work with - have you worked with it before? If yes, go for it! If not, perhaps try something a tad easier! We want you to be SANE when you finish your crazy quilt, LOL!! Big hugs, Cathy

  4. On the block that needs something at the top I'd put a very large bat to repeat the bats at the bottom. Use suede or something slightly furry... Do the ridges on his wings with beads.... Maybe 2 bats larger and one smaller... All are great fun... I love whimsy..

    Gerry Kruger

  5. Me again...I forgot to add that I would just put cat eyes peering through foliage on the green spot on the first block... Gerry

  6. I think a spider web on each block would finish your quilt quiet nicely...and the areas you have left are perfect for them...make them all different with different looking spiders...

    The 4th block has spider webs in one of the fabrics..Love it! Cant wait to see this completed!