Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grandmothers, Victorian Style

I have been spending more time looking through old pics as I have acquired some from my dad when he moved out of his home.  This one is of my Grandmother Pauline. Probably taken around the turn of the century. I assume that this is a confirmation picture as she was Lutheran. I plan to use this photo in a new Round Robin block I will be starting in August... It has a Victorian theme!  Perfect!. I am trying to decide which colors to use with it. I am thinking whites/off whites and pastel colors...

These pictures are from the other side of the family. My mom's mother, Estella.   I did not know they took photos like this in a row. (kind of like from our present day photo booth). I need to try to find a way to make the one in the hat less blurry. Boy would I love to know what colors were in that hat. Eventually I would also like to make quilt blocks using these pics....Unfortunately my grandmother died long before I was born.

Lastly, another strip, this one  of my grandmother's sister; Ruth. I have fond memories of going to her farm in Walkerton, Indiana... She had no indoor toilet even in the late 60's.. She had a beautiful wood commode in her bedroom. Wish I had a picture of it... She taught me how to crochet and I had my first taste of alcohol at an early age, with her homemade dandelion wine!

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  1. Just found your blog, Darlene. I am waiting to get your beautiful block to work on. Were your grandmother and her sister twins-they look very alike. Love your photos!