Saturday, March 29, 2014

RIP Drizzy

In 2004 a red haired lass offered
“free to a good home”
A 2 y/o black lab,
housebroken & glad
To go where
Serenity roams.
A loyal companion w/ a watchful eye,
He was Happy, Joyous & Free.
He’d lick your knees, ready to please.
A gift of Recovery.
In recent weeks he had become
A shell of his healthy wag.
A decision was made to spare him more
Grief than he could drag.
10 years of Joy ought to be enough
To prepare one for the sorrows
One has to feel when faced w/ the
End of a dear friend’s tomorrows.   by Fuzzy


  1. So sorry, Darlene. I DO know what you are feeling.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes, Darlene...tell Fuzzy this was a beautiful tribute! So sorry for you does hurt but you did the right thing...we shouldn't let our babies suffer because we don't want to suffer with the loss,