Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Weekend in Indiana

   I'm late in posting this but we spent a nice weekend in Indiana over Thanksgiving weekend. We took our time and stopped in Shipshewana on our way. For those that don't know, Shipshewana started as an Amish Community. There are lots of Amish still there, and it is facinating to ride the back roads and see their way of life. Plowing fields with horse and plow, all the laundry on the line, travel by horse and buggy.  We stopped at a local store we liked and took a picture of the buggies in the parking lot.

The town is a big tourist attraction and they cater to the public with lots of quaint shops and homemade cooking. They also have several quilt shops and fabric stores, so it is a must stop for me. Yoders and Lollies are my favorites. Yoders is a kind of "mall" building with a large clothing craft store, a hardware, and a grocery. In the mall area they often display handcrafted rockers and furniture and Amish quilts for raffle. This weekend they were having a gingerbread house contest. My husband took pics of some of our favorites.

 We didn't spend a long time in Shipshewana, but traveled on to Mishawaka where my Dad and step-mother live. We decided to get a hotel room this time in order to have a get together with some of my cousins and their families. . If you are ever in Mishawaka, the Varsity Inn is great, reasonable prices and the rooms are 1 bedroom suites.The hotel is decorated in a football motif due to its proximity to Notre Dame. Here is my dad posing with a friend in the hotel lobby. He turns 85 in Mid December and still bowls twice a week!

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