Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

   We had a great Christmas. Fuzzy had to work, so we got up and ate breakfast and opened our presents to each other. After he left for work my son came over for several hours. I made him breakfast and we opened presents and watched "Christmas Story"... he is home for two weeks before he gets deployed to AZ for a month for more of his intelligence training for the Air Force. He will be home in Feb. then sent to Idaho for another month in March. Here is a pic of him frolicking with our black lab Drizzy. I got a new camera for Christmas and haven't quite figured out all of the features, so the pic is a little dark..
We order a lot of books from the Hamilton Book Seller flyer, they are really good prices but at times they are not quite how they are described. This is a winner that I bought for myself for Christmas. The title intriqued me. It is an art book with paintings of women doing needlework...It is a fairly recent edition 2006 and the original price was $35, I paid $8...neat book..I may use some of the paintings as images in my crazy quilting. Many are from well known artists like Renoir, Van Gogh, Munch. Even two paintings from Frederick Frieseke, who is an impressionist artist from Owosso who went to study with Monet.
   Today Fuzzy and I are going to do a little shopping and we are having our Christmas "meal" today. We got some lobster tails and will have surf and turf. It is my first time making lobster tail at home, so I hope it turns out well!  Later we will go over to our friends and play some games.

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  1. Sounds like you had a perfect holiday! So glad you got to spend time your son and special time with hubby. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!