Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blue Grass Festival 2010

I have been a fan of Bluegrass for a while. It was probably ingrained in me due to my father forcing us to watch Hee Haw every week. I started really appreciating it when I lived in Maryland for a short time and found some Bluegrass pubs to frequent. Michigan is not a hotbed for Bluegrass so I had not had much exposure to it over the last 20+ years. Last year my hubbie and I took a roadtrip south with a rental car that included free Cirius radio. We listened to a dedicated Bluegrass station most of the way to Atlanta and back. With our renewed interest we explored the internet and found a Bluegrass festival in Michigan. Well, it was this past weekend, and boy it was a blast. Held in Charlotte which is just south of Lansing and about an hour from our house. Three days of music and some great acts. It will probably be on our to do list for a few years.

Camping was available so we decided to try out our "bargain" popup camper that we got a a yard sale for $100 a few years back and hadn't yet used. It may not be the prettiest thing, but it worked. This was Fuzzy's first time camping and my first time in something other than a tent.
Our neighbors babysat Drizzy and we brought Chloe with us since she is more portable. She got used to the volume and started to enjoy the music as much as we did.

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