Saturday, June 19, 2010

Take Chloe to Work Day

I have been experimenting with taking Chloe to work with me. So far so good, I got her a little crate at a garage sale last week. When I brought it home she went right in. I think she must have been crate trained by her previous owner. I was pleased that it was a positive space for her. I made her a little pad for the inside and got a few toys. Today was her second day at work. She has been so good. She rarely makes a peep and most clients don't even know she is there. If they are ok with dogs I let her out and she usually jumps in their lap. This works especially well with teens, they tend to let their guards down more. Even though she doesn't do much she is very tired when she gets home and sleeps quite well.... I am fortunate, even though the office is in a busy area the back parking lot backs up to woods so I can take her out for a walk every few hours. The walk is good for both of us, keeps me awake and alert and gives both of us a little exercise. Here is a pic of her crate and her half shut-eye nap. She had her head in a soft ring toy she uses as a pillow.

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  1. Well, this is a win-win situation for everyone isn't it! Chloe will just bond that much more with you and as you said for patients it's wonderful. How lucky you and Choloe both are!